AutomateGenius will help you send faster gift acknowledgements

What the Automation Does

When someone takes the time to donate to an organization, they like to know that the money was received. A gift acknowledgement within 48 hours builds confidence with the donor and is proven to increase future generosity.

The problem is that most nonprofits (like Krissie’s) are stretched thin, and it takes time (and money) to print, sign and mail gift acknowledgements.

AutomateGenius solves that problem in two ways. It creates and sends gift acknowledgements by email so that donors receive their acknowledgement within minutes or hours instead of days. And it streamlines the process for creating donor thank you letters so that all your organization has to do is click “print” to generate an entire batch of letters and envelopes.

How it works

AutomateGenius monitors gifts as they are entered into Raiser’s Edge NXT. When a gift comes in and the donor has an email on file, AutomateGenius drafts a heartfelt email to send to that donor, thanking him or her for the gift. Krissie and her team can customize the language of the email as well as the sender.

Krissie can also choose to have donations above a certain amount receive a paper acknowledgement in addition to the email. She can also have emails come directly from her when the gift is above a certain amount, while all low-level donor emails come from other members of her staff.

And for those donors who don’t have an email on file or who prefer paper acknowledgements, AutomateGenius can create those letters as the gifts come in and bundle them inside a SharePoint folder for easy printing once a day or once a week. We’ll even create an email alert that pings you when your letters and envelopes are ready to print!

How Can Automation Help Your Nonprofit?

Delight your donors, streamline your gift processing and raise more money with AutomateGenius