AutomateGenius will help you keep your donor database clean

What the Automation Does

Every database administrator can tell you that it takes a lot of work to make a process “look easy.” It’s incredible how much daily work happens behind the scenes so that your development office can to send the right letters, to the right people, with the right information, at the right time.

Raiser’s Edge database administrators are constantly trying to keep up with the flood of data coming in each day. They work tirelessly, by hand, to:

  1. Identify and remove duplicate records
  2. Fill in missing fields, gift attributes and constituent codes
  3. Tag members of giving societies
  4. Remove deceased records
  5. Update salutations based on new information

AutomateGenius can help with all of those tasks. Imagine a little database assistant, who works tirelessly through the night, scrubbing your database and keeping it clean for you. That’s what AutomateGenius can do.

How it works

In the old days, you’d carve out a few days each year to “clean the database.” Now, AutomateGenius can help you keep it clean as you go. Our experts know what it’s like to keep a database clean – and are acutely aware of all the pain points that come with managing a donor database inside of Raiser’s Edge.

AutomateGenius can keep your database clean with automations that:

  1. Alert you to likely duplicate records on a daily basis
  2. Alert you when donor records are missing critical fields (and oftentimes we can update those missing fields automatically)
  3. Automatically add and remove donor tags like those that identify members of giving societies for annual reports
  4. Alert you to likely deceased records (and possibly even give you a link to the obituary!)
  5. Automatically set a default addressee or salutation
  6. Fill in missing Nickname fields based on existing donor information

How Can Automation Help Your Nonprofit?

Delight your donors, streamline your gift processing and raise more money with AutomateGenius