AutomateGenius will help you raise more money

What the Automation Does

Every donor appreciates a personal note from a real person. Unfortunately, that personal approach isn’t possible for most nonprofit organizations who struggle with limited time, resources and staff.

AutomateGenius can create heartfelt, personalized emails and serve them up to be reviewed and sent by a real person at your organization. Dave DiNapoli took advantage of this by having AutomateGenius draft personalized follow-up emails to donors who hadn’t yet given to this year’s appeal (LYBUNTs and SYBUNTS, as we call them in the biz). Those emails raised more than $100,000 in the first few months.

How it works

First, AutomateGenius searched through the organization’s Raiser’s Edge database to find potential LYBUNT and SYBUNT donors. Then, it drafted personalized emails to those donors coming from their assigned solicitor. Finally, it served up the emails at the perfect time so that his or her assigned solicitor only had to review the email draft inside of Outlook and click “send.”

How Can Automation Help Your Nonprofit?

Delight your donors, streamline your gift processing and raise more money with AutomateGenius