AutomateGenius will save you time

What the Automation Does

Ken Maker manages the data operations for a large faith-based nonprofit in Cleveland. Each month, Ken and his team were required to create a monthly distribution report showing all the gifts that were made for the benefit of their smaller, affiliate organizations. After they created the report, they then had to email small pieces of the report to each affiliate organization. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that took about 2 days out of every month.

AutomateGenius made it possible for Ken to create the report and email it to each stakeholder with the click of a button.

How it works

AutomateGenius pulls the necessary data from Raiser’s Edge to create the report. Then, it creates mini reports for each affiliate organization and saves them in the organization’s SharePoint folder. Finally, it launches an automation that emails the reports to each stakeholder. The entire automation can be launched once a month by clicking on a button inside the organization’s Raiser’s Edge NXT environment.

How Can Automation Help Your Nonprofit?

Delight your donors, streamline your gift processing and raise more money with AutomateGenius